Questions about your new manual wheelchair?

  • How often will I use my wheelchair?
  • Will I be able to get funding assistance for the purchase of my wheelchair?
  • What type of wheelchair best suits my needs?
  • What type of seat cushion should my wheelchair have?
  • Should I purchase a power or manual wheelchair?
  • Will my wheelchair be used indoors and outdoors?
  • Do I require more than one wheelchair?
  • Will my house, apartment or condo be ready for a wheelchair?
  • Does my wheelchair need to be transported in a car?
  • What type of warranty does my new wheelchair come with?

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Manual Wheelchairs

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Pride Mobility Litestream XF Manual Wheelchair

Ultra-lightweight and high performing with a wealth of available options.

PDG Mobility Fuze T20 Manual Wheelchair

The Fuze T20 offers ideal tilt for function & independence.

TiLite 2GX Titanium Wheelchair

The 2GX from TiLite is a titanium, high-performance chair available in a wide array of sizes and options.

Sunrise Medical Breezy® Ultra 4 Manual Wheelchair

The Breezy Ultra 4 boldly is Sunrise Medical's premium standard wheelchair.

Invacare 9000 XDT Wheelchair

For those who demand an extra wide, heavy-duty or tall chair w/ seat-to-floor heights ranging from hemi to tall.

Sunrise Medical Quickie Tilt FX Manual Wheelchair

The New Quickie® Tilt FX™ is designed to meet all your positioning needs in regards to tilt.

Invacare 19" Transport Chair - Wheelchair

Features permanent full padded arms, fold-down back and swingaway footrests.

TiLite TX Wheelchair

Stronger, Lighter and Designed to Outperform!

AMG Airgo Steel Transport Chair

Offers an economical alternative with all the basic features.

Invacare Terminator Titanium Manual Wheelchair

From as light as 17 lbs! Now available with an Ergo seat option, which provides seat contouring through the frame..

Future Mobility Northern Lite Manual Wheelchair

A lightweight, compact folding chair that is easy to adjust for optimal performance and functionality.

PDG Mobility Fuze T50 Manual Wheelchair

This award-winning wheelchair is customizable for both maximum comfort & ease of operation.

TiLite TR Titanium Wheelchair

The TiLite TR is hand crafted from seamless, aerospace-grade titanium.

Handicare EMINEO Tilting Wheelchair

Maximize positioning and comfort without compromising the potential for independent mobility!

Invacare Bariatric Transport Chair

Designed for individuals requiring a transport chair that can support a weight up to 400 lbs.

Sunrise Medical Quickie® 2 Manual Wheelchair

The industry's favorite chair for 25 years, the Quickie 2 is available in more than 64,000 configurations.

Invacare 9000 Topaz Heavy-Duty Wheelchair

Designed specifically to suit the unique & growing needs of the bariatric patients.

TiLite SX & X Wheelchair

The TiLite SX and X are hand crafted from seamless, aerospace-grade titanium.

PDG Mobility Stellar Manual Wheelchair

Ideal for individuals requiring dynamic tilt and/or with limited stamina.

Invacare Aluminum Transport Chair

12" rear wheels facilitate manoeuvrability. Features full-length padded arms, fold-down back and swingaway footrests.

Invacare Crossfire T6 Manual Wheelchair

Featuring a clean, minimalist design, simple adjustments, great value and super good looks, it is the total package.

Future Mobility Galaxy Lite Manual Wheelchair

Developed for comfort and performance, the Galaxy Lite wheelchair is an excellent choice for those looking for features and economy.

Ki Mobility Tsunami

A ride this good, the flexibility to adjust to your needs and one of the lightest chairs on the market.

TiLite YR Titanium Wheelchair

An eye-catching combination of materials & style that yield performance unlike anything you have ever experienced.

TiLite TX Titanium Wheelchair

The TiLite TX is hand crafted from seamless, aerospace-grade titanium.

Future Mobility Orion II Tilting Wheelchair

Orion II is the most innovative and affordable tilt-in-space wheelchair on the market today.

Invacare e.Motion Power Assist for 24" wheels w/ ECS

Allows drivers to keep & even raise their level of active mobility, & provides a variety of therapeutic benefits.

Sunrise Medical Quickie® 2 Lite Manual Wheelchair

The Quickie 2 Lite is everything you love about the Quickie 2 in a lightweight, simple package.

Invacare 9000 XT Lightweight Manual Wheelchair

The 9000 XT wheelchair is a high performance, low-maintenance and low total-lifetime-cost product.

Sunrise Medical Quickie® 2HP Manual Wheelchair

For lightweight folding performance and multiple options, the Quickie 2HP is a leader.

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