Questions about your new manual wheelchair?

  • How often will I use my wheelchair?
  • Will I be able to get funding assistance for the purchase of my wheelchair?
  • What type of wheelchair best suits my needs?
  • What type of seat cushion should my wheelchair have?
  • Should I purchase a power or manual wheelchair?
  • Will my wheelchair be used indoors and outdoors?
  • Do I require more than one wheelchair?
  • Will my house, apartment or condo be ready for a wheelchair?
  • Does my wheelchair need to be transported in a car?
  • What type of warranty does my new wheelchair come with?

Contact us for help in answering any of your questions on wheelchairs.

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Manual Wheelchairs

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Invacare Tracer EX2 Standard Wheelchair

Combines the design & technology of the 9000 series & incorporates it into the Tracer series.

Drive Medical Poly-Fly High Strength, Wheelchair/Transport Chair

Can be used as a standard self-propelled wheelchair or a transport chair.

Sunrise Medical Breezy® 600 Manual Wheelchair

The economical solution for those looking for and economical and lightweight wheelchair that offers a wide range of sizes.

Invacare Xtra Manual Wheelchair

The Invacare Xtra offers maximum performance at an affordable price.

TiLite TX Wheelchair

Stronger, Lighter and Designed to Outperform!

Invacare 9000 XDT Wheelchair

For those who demand an extra wide, heavy-duty or tall chair w/ seat-to-floor heights ranging from hemi to tall.

Invacare MyOn Wheelchair

One of the best examples of cross-compatibility in the Invacare range.

Invacare 9000 SL Lightweight Manual Wheelchair

An ideal lightweight wheelchair for those who want quality and durability at a moderate price.

Sunrise Medical Quickie GTi Manual Wheelchair

Innovative mono-frame chair offering maximum strength and performance at the lowest possible weight.

Invacare 17" Aluminum Transport Chair

17" blue, lightweight transport chair with permanent full padded arms, fold-down back, swingaway footrests.

Sunrise Medical Breezy® EC 4000 Wheelchair

Features durability in a lightweight design & unique options.

Sunrise Medical Quickie® TS™ Manual Wheelchair

Provides a 53° tilt-in-space range & optional recline to create the "right" position for adults.

TiLite SX & X Wheelchair

The TiLite SX and X are hand crafted from seamless, aerospace-grade titanium.

Invacare Bariatric Transport Chair

Designed for individuals requiring a transport chair that can support a weight up to 400 lbs.

PDG Mobility Bentley Manual Wheelchair

Ideal for frail individuals with limited stamina who wish to maintain independent mobility.

Pride Mobility Stylus LS Manual Wheelchair

A highly durable, highly adjustable manual wheelchair that delivers exceptional value.

Sunrise Medical Quickie Tilt FX Manual Wheelchair

The New Quickie® Tilt FX™ is designed to meet all your positioning needs in regards to tilt.

AMG Airgo Comfort-Plus Lightweight Transport Chairs

Includes more security and comfort-enhancing features than ever before.

Invacare 19" Transport Chair - Wheelchair

Features permanent full padded arms, fold-down back and swingaway footrests.

Invacare MVP Manual Wheelchair

The MVP is the premier folding chair in Invacare's Custom Manual wheelchair line.

TiLite 2GX Titanium Wheelchair

The 2GX from TiLite is a titanium, high-performance chair available in a wide array of sizes and options.

Invacare 19" Aluminum Transport Chair

19" blue, lightweight transport chair with permanent full padded arms, fold-down back, swingaway footrests.

Sunrise Medical Breezy® Ultra 4 Manual Wheelchair

The Breezy Ultra 4 boldly is Sunrise Medical's premium standard wheelchair.

Ki Mobility Tsunami

A ride this good, the flexibility to adjust to your needs and one of the lightest chairs on the market.

TiLite YR Titanium Wheelchair

An eye-catching combination of materials & style that yield performance unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Invacare e.Motion Power Assist for 24" wheels w/ ECS

Allows drivers to keep & even raise their level of active mobility, & provides a variety of therapeutic benefits.

TiLite TR Titanium Wheelchair

The TiLite TR is hand crafted from seamless, aerospace-grade titanium.

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