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For most wheelchair and scooter users, thresholds can be a significant obstacle. Ground level differences, stairs and other obstacles can be often handled with the use of a portable wheelchair ramp. Threshold ramps are common with most types of doorways and entrances as access is often an issue. Negotiating many thresholds can be a difficult and bumpy process. To make a threshold less of an obstacle there are many sizes and types of small wheelchair ramps available which can be anywhere and ordered in a width suitable for your doorway or cut down to fit.

A wheelchair or scooter ramp which is very long can be an obstacle in itself as the user or care giver may not have the strength or stamina to negotiate the length. Another consideration is that, when exposed to the weather in northern climates someone is going to have to remove ice and snow from the wheelchair ramp prior to each use.


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Wheelchair Ramps

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Handicare EZ-Access Pathway Ramp

Designed for safety & engineered for reliability, the PATHWAY is a smart alternative to costly wooden ramps.

Handicare EZ-Access Pathway Lite Ramp

Ramp features a solid, seamless design, making it ideal for use w/ scooters, wheelchairs, & walkers.

Handicare EZ-Access Aluminum Threshold Ramp

A lightweight, durable free-standing modular ramp designed for doorways, sliding glass door & raised landing.

Handicare EZ-Access Suitcase Ramp

Provides the safety & strength required while remaining light & portable.

Pride Mobility Solid Ramps

Provide long-term access for mobility devices to a variety of environments.

Handicare EZ-Access Modular Ramp

Designed to address the accessibility needs of the residential & light commercial market.

Pride Mobility Single-Fold Ramps

A reliable solution for transitioning curbs, thresholds and other obstacles.

QRamp™ - Ergo Platforms

QRamp™ is modular access ramp solution that is designed to be easily installed and ready for use in less than an hour.

Pride Mobility Rubber Threshold Ramps

Provide a durable, safe means of navigating uneven household surfaces.

Handicare EZ-Access Trifold Ramp

Offers the length required for wheelchairs & scooters to easily access steps, vehicles, & raised landings.

Handicare EZ-Access Rubber Threshold Ramp

Ramp simply sits against the doorsill to provide a smooth ground-tosill transition.

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